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Hopefully, we will not have a lot more cold winter and we will still be able to get out and work on our game some.  With that in mind,my tip this month is on chipping. How often have you or someone you are playing with,hit your approach shot within 10 yards of the green,but then either blade it over the green, or hit it behind the ball and leave it short, or barely get it on the putting surface? Well, I have a drill to fix this!  Bad chips happen often when you hang back over your right foot.  If you don’t correct this you will never launch the ball in the air correctly.   Take your normal chipping stance, with the ball about center of your stance.  Slide your right foot back about 6 inches and lift the heel so you are up on the toe.  You should have 95% of your weight on the left foot.  Now, hit some easy chips, if your weight goes back to the right you will lose your balance.  This should create a more descending blow, which will make the ball airborne.   If you have questions, or to schedule a lesson, call me at (901) 848-9199

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